Exotic Seed

Exotic Seed combines the qualities of Dutch and Spanish genetics creating unique and innovative cannabis seed. The creators of this high quality seed have over 20 years of experience and strong roots in the international cannabis seed family.

Amnesia #7 (Exotic Seed) feminized

The crossing of the famous Amnesia from the Hy-Pro home and the male PP # 7 selection. The result is an Amnesia with softer tones and a more marked incense aroma.

Black Lemon Auto (Exotic Seed) gefeminis...

Een autoflowerplant met een intens citrusaroma.

Blue Monkey (Exotic Seed) gefeminiseerd

Gefeminiseerde variant die het resultaat is van een kruising van Gorilla Glue #4 en een hybride die bestaat uit een kruising tussen Black Domina en Blueberry.

Exotic Colours (Exotic Seed) feminized

This is one of the most interesting and different varieties Exotic Seed have made in recent years, the result of crossing genetics that produce very dark reddish and purple, almost black hues.

Exotic Thai (Exotic Seed) feminized

The result of a cross between a relatively short flowering Thai Sativa and the well-known New York Diesel, a short flowering Sativa.

Green Gummy (Exotic Seed) feminized

The Green Gummy is a cross of the H.O.G and P.P #7. Its known for producing a lot of sticky resin.

Green Gummy Auto (Exotic Seed) gefeminis...

Green Gummy Auto ruikt en smaakt zeer zoet en heeft een fysiek, kalmerend effect.

Gypsy Widow (Exotic Seed) feminized

Gypsy Widow is the result of crossing two different selections of White Widow, one of a purely Indica type with dense, fast flowers and another more Sativa-like with a longer flowering and higher resi...

Herz OG (Exotic Seed) gefeminiseerd

Herz OG is een samenwerking tussen Exotic Seeds en de Duitse rapper Herzog.

Jungle Fever Auto (Exotic Seed) gefemini...

Diep in de jungle kun je geweldige planten vinden die het resultaat zijn van avontuurlijke kruisingen. Exotic Seed maakte er een autoflower van.

Lemon Candy (Exotic Seed) feminized

A predominantly Sativa hybrid, Lemon Candy is born from crossing the Exotic Seed selections of HOG and NYCD.

Mango Cream (Exotic Seed) feminized

A cross between Somango, Blueberry and New York City Diesel.

Mango Cream Auto (Exotic Seed) gefeminis...

Autoflower versie van het geweldige Mango Cream.

Monster Mash (Exotic Seed) feminized

Monster Mash is an auto-flowering strain, a cross between Mk-Ultra and Black Domina.

Quick Mass (Exotic Seed) feminized

Quick Mass is a fresh and fruity strain from Exotic Seed, it features a high yield and high resin production.

Russian Automatic (Exotic Seed) feminize...

This is the autoflowering version of one of the most awarded and famous genetics ever the "Ak-47".

Sir Jack (Exotic Seed) feminized

This is a super seed. Highlighting Sir Jack is its taste and effect, which has won it multiple awards throughout its career.

Sir Jack Auto (Exotic Seed) feminized

With parents descended from the famous Jack Herer this strain offers high production rates.

Spicy Bitch (Exotic Seed) feminized

Spicy Bitch is a predominantly Sativa hybrid. The genetics are Queen Mother and Ak-47.

Tangerine Kush (Exotic Seed) feminized

Belonging to one of the Exotic Seed Kush family hybrids, Tangerine Kush is a strong cross between MK-Ultra, Blueberry and New York Diesel, producing high quality resin, which is very sticky.

Triple A (Exotic Seed) feminized

Exotic Seed is pushing the limits again, crossing Amnesia Haze and Black Domina to make this exclusive strain Triple A.