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Amnesia #7 (Exotic Seed) feminized

Hybrid resulting from the crossing of the famous Amnesia from the Hy-Pro home and our male PP # 7 selection. The result is an Amnesia with softer tones and a more marked incense aroma, even being able to find individuals with floral tones, similar to kush. The structure changes to a more robust one, providing more stability to the long buds formed by Amnesia.

The effect becomes a little more physical, keeping the great power in the brain which has made this variety famous, and a resin amount which makes it very suitable for extractions, especially those made with gas, obtaining great returns.


Gemiddelde opbrengst binnen 525 g/m≤
Samenstelling 70% Sativa / 30% Indica
Effect Uplifting
Genetica Amnesia x Power Plant #7
Bloeitijd binnen 70 dagen
Aantal zaden 3
Oogsttijd buiten Eind oktober
Geschikte omgeving Binnenkweek / Buitenkweek
Soort zaden Gefeminiseerd
Merk Exotic Seed
Merk Exotic Seed
Indica/Sativa Sativa dominant
Soort wiet Amnesia, Kush
Bloeiperiode Lang
Smaak / Geur Floral, smooth, incense, kushy


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