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Exotic Thai (Exotic Seed) feminized

The result of a cross between a relatively short flowering Thai Sativa and the well-known New York Diesel, the Thai Exotic is born, a short flowering Sativa (65 days), where citrus aromas give way to a light scent that is similar to perfume or cologne, between the chemical and the sweet, a true delight.

By introducing the NYCD in the cross, the breeders reduced both the height and flowering time of the Thai mother, allowing it to be grown indoors with certain guarantees. It produces dense but not particularly large flowers, which is offset by the large number of lateral branches that it produces, resulting in a variety with a medium to high yield per square metre.

In terms of power and effect, it is clearly active, being a highly recommended variety for everyday smokers. The taste remains long in the mouth, with a surprising marking of its citrus flavours and fragrance when exhaling it. It is definitely one of the favourite flavours at Exotic Seeds.


Gemiddelde opbrengst buiten 475 g per plant
Samenstelling 70% Sativa / 30% Indica
Effect Uplifting, motivating, active
Genetica Sativa Thai x New York City Diesel
Bloeitijd binnen 65 dagen
Aantal zaden 3
Oogsttijd buiten Eind oktober
Geschikte omgeving Binnenkweek / Buitenkweek
Soort zaden Gefeminiseerd
Merk Exotic Seed
Indica/Sativa Sativa dominant
Soort wiet Diesel
Bloeiperiode Gemiddeld
Smaak / Geur Citrus, sweet, diesel


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